Trends from Amsterdam - EV Charging, Hyperloop and willingness to invest

Last week, this year’s edition of The Business Booster (TBB) took place in Amsterdam. TBB, which is an initiative created by InnoEnergy, gathered around 200 companies, all with a common aim – to discuss and create a more sustainable future through innovative technology. Waybler was one of the exhibitors, and here we share our insights from the event.On-site were Maria Swedin, COO, and Soheil Bakhtiari, Partner Account Manager, to showcase Waybler’s solutions in electric vehicle charging. They share their insights from the days in Amsterdam and TBB.

The market is maturing – increased demands for smart electric vehicle charging.

The electric vehicle charging market continues to mature with each passing year. The questions and discussions raised at Waybler’s booth delved deeper and were significantly more sophisticated than on previous occasions, indicating an increased demand for charging infrastructure that can meet high standards from all stakeholders.

-It is clear that today’s need for charging systems requires much more flexibility and dynamism than before. More and more people realize the importance of meeting the significant demand for electric vehicle charging while ensuring the electricity lasts, making the charging both sustainable and profitable, says Soheil Bakhtiari.

Electric vehicle charging is much more than just a wallbox.

-More and more people inquired about the services surrounding the physical charging station. There was a strong focus on load balancing and power control, customer systems, apps, and payment solutions. Being able to meet the demands with our comprehensive solution feels good and is evidence that we were on the right track early in the market. As the need grows and more people need to charge, it becomes even more important for property owners to have a long-term, well-thought-out, and sustainable strategy, says Soheil.

In a competitive landscape where market share is a coveted resource, Waybler provides a refreshingly simple answer to the most frequently asked question: What makes Waybler unique?

-We offer a comprehensive solution, all of whose components are built from the ground up by us at Waybler. This removes third-party limitations and enables flexibility to tailor charging infrastructure to the customer’s needs. I dare say there are few, if any, other suppliers who can offer as extensive a solution as we can, concludes Soheil.

Overwhelming optimism about the future of mobility.

-It’s very exciting to see how our market is maturing with each passing year. Companies in the future of mobility, like most others, are affected by a turbulent world and economic downturn, but based on the conversations during the conference, everyone is optimistic about the future. There is a strong willingness to invest, despite the economic downturn, and there are many initiatives out there that can make a big impact on the future. Promoting sustainability is something we all need to do together; any innovation that leads us to the goal is positive, Maria Swedin concludes.

TBB, a platform for the future and vision

At an event like TBB, you can quickly discern trends in the industry. There was a lot of new and visionary innovation taking center stage, including the idea of Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation technology whose basic concept comes from Elon Musk. The idea has now been picked up by several different companies that want to see it become a reality. Discussions also revolved around how opinions on climate action and efforts are polarizing our society across Europe and the world. A key question is how we, collectively, can reduce this polarization, which hinders us from reaching the climate goals in place.

-Another trend I noticed in terms of investments is that there is a greater willingness to invest in hardware today than before. For a long time, software has been the king in the eyes of investors, where future prospects have been the greatest. It remains important, but I could sense a shift towards the development of hardware beginning to catch the interest of investors as promising future projects, says Maria Swedin.

The Business Booster 2023 can be summarized in three words: future optimism, electric vehicle maturity, and innovation height. Electric vehicle development is here to stay. More and more people are driving electric, realizing the importance of smart systems for everyone to drive electric vehicles smoothly, sustainably, and profitably. Companies and associations understand that charging infrastructure is a necessity for motorists in the future.

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