Engine heater - Reducing fuel costs and environmental impact for fossil cars

During the winter months, when the cold bites and the mornings are frosty, an engine heater is a reliable friend for both your car and your well-being. The obvious advantage of an engine heater for those driving fossil-fueled cars is that it provides you with a warm and comfortable cabin when you get into the car, but the benefits extend far beyond increased comfort. Explore the advantages of using an engine heater in a way that benefits both your wallet and the environment. All Waybler charging stations come with a built-in engine heater function as standard, offering benefits for both electric and fossil car drivers.

Reduced fuel consumption – An economic benefit

One of the most noticeable advantages of using an engine heater is reduced fuel consumption. When you start a cold engine, it consumes significantly more fuel than when it is warm and at the right operating temperature. Using an engine heater allows your engine to quickly reach its optimal temperature, which in turn leads to significantly improved fuel efficiency. Research shows that a warm-started engine can reduce fuel consumption by up to a deciliter compared to a cold-started engine.

Reduced environmental impact – A benefit for all

Reduced fuel consumption also means reduced emissions. A cold engine emits significantly more pollutants and harmful exhaust gases than a warm engine. The catalytic converter, responsible for purifying exhaust gases, needs to heat up to function optimally. By using an engine heater, you can reduce this harmful impact and make a significant environmental contribution by reducing the number of cold starts and speeding up the engine’s warm-up process.

When should you use an engine heater?

The duration for which you need to use your engine heater depends on the outdoor temperature. If the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to turn on the engine heater approximately 1.5 hours before you plan to use the car. At temperatures near zero, one hour of warming up is usually sufficient.

It can be cost-effective to use the engine heater even at temperatures as high as +10 degrees Celsius. Under such conditions, 30 minutes of preheating is usually enough before starting, and you will still notice a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. The key thing to remember is that a warm engine from the start not only saves fuel but also reduces emissions and is more environmentally friendly.

Waybler charging stations and engine heaters

The engine heater function is standard in all Waybler charging stations, offering an additional use case for those who have not yet had the opportunity to switch to driving electric cars. Using the engine heater through Waybler is as convenient for the user as it is advantageous for the facility owner. Through Waybler’s app, users can easily schedule the function’s start and also access billing information and consumption history. For facility owners, this represents a significant advantage as they can bill for consumed power on an individual basis. Historically, facility owners have had to subsidize consumption because older engine heating systems were not connected or did not allow for individual measurement.

In summary, the benefits of using an engine heater are evident. It is a simple measure that not only provides you with a more enjoyable driving experience but also helps reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, emissions of harmful substances. To maximize the benefits, you should use your engine heater in accordance with the outdoor temperature and avoid excessive use to avoid compensating for fuel savings with higher electricity costs. By doing this, you can not only save money but also do your part for a cleaner environment.

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