Five reasons why companies should invest in charging stations

For companies, an investment in charging stations for electric vehicles is an investment for the future that benefits the business's green transition, lowers the threshold for employees to invest in electric cars, enhances the level of service to visitors, and also strengthens the company's attractiveness.

Thomas Poturaj, Partner Account Manager at Waybler, shares six arguments for why charging stations are a smart long-term investment for companies.

  1. Boost your company's sustainability efforts: Transportation with gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles generates CO2 emissions that have a negative impact on the environment. Transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet and investing in charging stations has a significant impact on the company's carbon footprint and sustainability efforts. Electric driving is also financially advantageous.
  2. Increase property value and enhance attractiveness: Companies that don't own the property should always contact the property owner for permission to install charging stations. Currently, the majority of property owners are positive about this investment because it increases property value. Charging stations also enhance your attractiveness as an employer and business partner.
  3. Lower the threshold for employees considering electric cars: The majority of our daily car trips are between home and work. Employers offering their employees convenient workplace charging lower the threshold for those considering investing in an electric car for personal use.
  4. Targeted billing makes charging stations accessible to more: With Waybler's charging solution, there are no flat-rate charges. Instead, each user is billed based on their actual consumption. It's also easy to bill different rates for, for example, company fleet vehicles, employees' private electric cars, visitors, and external users who use the charging stations in the evenings and weekends.
  5. Investing in charging stations has never been easier: If you're concerned about the effort involved in installing and managing charging stations, it's time to rethink. Nowadays, turnkey solutions are available that include everything from installation to monitoring, operation, billing, updates, and customer support, making it easier than ever to invest in charging stations for your company.

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