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We are here to help you with your electric car charging. Our customer service is available by phone and email during the following times.

Weekdays: 07:00 - 21:00
Weekends: 09:00 - 21:00
Where can I find the area ID?

If signage is missing, it is most likely that the area is not available for public charging, and an administrator must add you as a user.

Business parking / Commercial property
Contact your parking manager or property owner to gain access to charging facilities.

Apartment block solutions
Contact your property manager or board and ask them to add a charging agreement. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact Waybler.

How does an engine heater work?

The engine heater starts 2 hours before the set departure time and continues for 1 hour after the departure time. For example, if you have chosen to leave at 06:40, the engine heater will start at 04:40.

How do I use the engine heater?

  • Plug in the engine heater adapter
  • Launch the Waybler app on your phone
  • Select the station where you have connected the engine heater
  • Choose the desired time for the car to be warm. Press start.
Screen says “No cable connected to the charging point?”

If you don’t see a car icon when you have connected the cable to both the charging point and your car, try unplugging the cable from both the charging point and your car.

If the yellow car icon still isn’t lit, check that the pins in the connectors are intact and clean, and then insert the cable again. Make sure the cable is fully inserted.

If you still don’t see a yellow car icon, check the cable with the manufacturer/dealer.

My charging doesn't start?

If the car does not start charging when the diode at the outlet is blue, check the settings in your car. Pay particular attention to ensuring that there is no charging timer or departure time set.

Waybler´s system distributes the charging load to accommodate as many users as possible, ensuring that each vehicle receives the offered charging. Therefore, the system needs the ability to start charging at any given time.

My charging still doesn't start?
Some cars may occasionally end up in a state where they don’t want to start charging. Unlock the car, unplug the cable from both the car and the charging point, lock the car, and wait a few minutes. Then reconnect the charging cable to both the car and the charging point. Start charging again. The charging should then initiate. If it does not start, despite the diode at the outlet being blue, check for any error codes on the car’s display and contact your car manufacturer for further troubleshooting.

What do the colors on the light indicate?

No connection to the car.

Green (flickering)
Connection to the car.

Charging in progress.

Blue (flickering)
Waiting for charging.

A red light indicates that a charging error has occurred. This can be one of the following reasons:

  • Diode malfunction
  • DC leakage current fault
  • Overcurrent fault

Red (weak flickering)
The personal safety switch has tripped.

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