Street Charging: Smarter EV Charging in Urban Environments

In September 2022, Waybler secured first place in an innovation competition hosted by the City of Stockholm. The competition called on companies to contribute solutions to address the challenges of street charging in urban environments. Waybler's proposal was selected as the winner among 16 competing submissions.

Since 2023, Filip Aglöv at Waybler has been working on developing and commercializing their street charging solution. The victory in the competition is a testament to the value of the idea and product. The solution has the potential to benefit various stakeholders who have previously struggled to offer smart charging in urban settings.

Waybler's proven technology - A future-proof solution

Since the win, the product and concept have been refined to provide a future-proof solution that doesn't compromise on quality, design, or flexibility. Waybler's technical street charging solution is based on the same philosophy and technology used for charging solutions in commercial properties and housing associations. The core capability is the ability to charge multiple vehicles with lower power. What sets street charging apart is the placement of charging points. Instead of being limited to isolated parking areas, charging points can be located along sidewalks and other areas where ground work is challenging or impossible.

-With just one 63A cable, we can meet the needs of 50 cars overnight. The assembly is minimal, and the results are maximal. By using specially designed cobblestones for cable installation, we avoid digging and minimize disruptions for pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic in the area, says Filip Aglöv.

Resource and cost-efficient

Street charging is a resource-efficient solution that enables electric vehicle charging in locations that were previously inaccessible. It reduces costs since it doesn't require extensive excavation work and doesn't affect pedestrian walkways or streets during or after installation. Moreover, it's a flexible system that can be easily relocated in part or entirely, with minimal impact on existing infrastructure and the environment.

An opportunity for convenient EV ownership even in urban settings

-I rely on my car for work, like many others, and I live in central Gothenburg, where charging opportunities are limited. The number of charging spots for residents with parking permits is scarce, and the ability to charge intelligently is currently limited to those who live in houses or properties with private parking spaces. With Waybler's street solution, I could have charged my car right outside my home, which would have been both convenient and economical, says Filip Aglöv.

The benefits extend beyond the physical charging stations and their surroundings. Waybler can integrate its connected software solution for smooth billing and control of charging points with other software, allowing individual billing for consumption and system administration via external parking apps.

Innovation for a better future

Innovation is both exciting and necessary, but it's not always easy.

-Many have asked questions about Waybler's street charging solution, and it's entirely natural. Offering such a comprehensive solution to a major problem may seem too good to be true, but it's also evidence that Waybler's product is precisely on the right track, says Filip Aglöv.

Currently, Waybler is working to introduce its street charging solution in Sweden and Europe. They are in discussions with several municipalities and private actors across the country and internationally. Waybler will present the solution at trade shows and forums this autumn, including The Business Booster in Amsterdam in October and Tomorrow. Mobility World Congress 2023 in Barcelona in November.

A future with sustainable EV charging in urban environments

Waybler's street charging solution is a simple yet flexible approach that has the potential to address significant challenges in current infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. With its cost-effective and adaptable design, it represents a step toward a more sustainable and accessible urban environment for electric vehicle owners. Street charging is one of the answers to the challenges of urban charging and a step toward a more sustainable future.

Read more about Waybler's Street Charging solutions here.

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