Load balancing - Why it's important when choosing charging stations

For those considering investing in charging stations and comparing different solutions, the concept of load balancing tends to quickly emerge. Load balancing involves using smart technology to optimize the use of the available electricity in the system. Charging stations with built-in load balancing can simply utilize the existing electrical capacity of a property to charge more vehicles.

Electrical supply is never unlimited. And the capacity one has must be used in the most efficient way possible to allow as many people as possible in a homeowners' association or a company to charge simultaneously.

"Load balancing is essentially load optimization, meaning optimizing the electricity currently available in a property. It's an intelligently integrated system that efficiently distributes available electricity to all vehicles being charged in parallel, for example, in a garage. Load balancing ensures that electricity is automatically and in real-time directed where it's needed most," says Peter Magnusson, Software Developer at Waybler.

Charge More Cars on Existing Electricity

Charging stations with load balancing constantly maximize the property's electrical capacity in the best possible way. One of the primary benefits of load balancing is that it can eliminate the need for costly expansions of the electrical system in a property. A valuable piece of advice for companies and homeowners' associations considering investing in charging stations is therefore to choose a supplier that offers load balancing as an integrated feature in all charging stations.

Waybler's charging stations are equipped with a unique, cloud-based, and patented load balancing solution that can charge up to six times more vehicles than a conventional charging solution.

"Because the system efficiently utilizes the available electricity, you can go a long way without needing to reinforce the available electrical capacity. In parking lots where many need to charge, load balancing is essential to ensure just that, and to ensure that everyone can still fully charge their batteries during a workday or overnight," says Peter Magnusson.

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